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Keeping Pets Safe in the Summer Heat

Most people love spending the summer days outdoors accompanied by their furry friends. Unfortunately, the summer heat can be dangerous for your pet. Rising temperatures and thick humidity can prove to be very uncomfortable for pets.

What to Expect From Pet Grooming Services

While some pet owners choose to groom their dogs themselves, there are benefits to getting professional grooming. Having your pet professionally groomed will save you plenty of time and energy. 

Signs You Should Take Your Pet to the Emergency Vet

Is your pet in the middle of a health crisis? If this is the case, you might not know what to do next. You probably want to do some research to determine or understand how to take care of your animal friend if the unexpected happens.

Signs and Symptoms of Lyme Disease

Lyme disease comes up in conversation if you spend lots of time outdoors and even more if you spend it with your furry friends. Bacteria causes the disease, and humans, dogs, and various other animals can have it. A tick carrying the bacteria bites its victim, transmitting the bacteria over a day or two, which is why it is critical to remove a tick as soon as you see it.

Top Signs & Symptoms That Your Dog May Have Heartworms

According to the American Heartworm Society, heartworm disease is a potentially fatal and serious disease that affects dogs. Statistics show that one in every two dogs in endemic areas get heartworm disease if they are not preventive. This disease is caused by foot-long worms known as Dirofilaria immitis.

Signs & Symptoms of Poisoning in Pets

Pets are naturally curious. That’s why they sometimes get into things they shouldn’t. This behavior can be hazardous if they ingest something toxic. Several poisonous substances in and around your home can endanger your active, inquisitive animal companion.

Why Dental Care Is Important for Overall Pet Health

Does your four-legged companion have bad breath that keeps the two of you from snuggling? If only you could give your furry pal a breath mint, right? Contrary to common belief, an unpleasant breath odor in dogs or cats isn’t normal. As a matter of fact, it’s a common sign of an unhealthy mouth.

Four Health Benefits of Walks with Your Dog

How often do you take your dog for a walk? Most people assume that all owners take their dogs for walks every day, but a recent study found that as many as 50% don’t, opting to let them run around the backyard instead.

New Year’s Resolutions for Pet Owners

It’s that time again to pause and reflect on the past 365 days and prove to ourselves that the next year will be better. 2021 is here, and like the years before, many people will want to be kinder, healthier, and happier.

Top Grooming Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy During the Cold, Wet Months

During winter, dogs usually stay inside and keep warm. Because of this, dog owners usually think that their dogs do not need much grooming during this time of year.

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