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5 Reasons Why Pets Need Teeth Cleaning

Brushing teeth is vital not just for humans but also for pets. Apart from causing tooth decay, plaque leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth. Pet parents should realize that poor dental care can lead to dental disease. 

It can affect the teeth, gums, and oral structures supporting the teeth. Dental disease is a common issue, with over 80 percent of dogs getting periodontal disease by age three. Find out the reasons why pets need teeth cleaning. 


Preventing Oral Pain 

Dental diseases like tooth decay or periodontal disease can lead to severe oral pain, especially in the advanced stages. The pain can affect the pet's demeanor, behavior, and ability to eat and enjoy life. At-home and professional teeth cleaning can help prevent pain and keep your canine companion happy and comfortable. 


Prevent Organ Damage 

Untreated oral health issues can result in long-term health consequences. There is a link between oral health and diseases affecting the organs. Bacteria in plaque can get into the bloodstream, spreading to the heart, liver, and kidneys. The spread of bacteria, or bacteremia, can cause organ damage, making the pet quite sick. Regular teeth cleaning can help prevent organ damage. 


Preventing Tooth Loss 

Losing teeth can have dire health consequences for animals as they find it hard to function normally. Teeth cleaning can help prevent tooth loss. When the structures supporting the teeth are infected or damaged, the teeth loosen and often fall out. Good pet oral care will ensure they remain healthy, keeping the teeth strong and healthy. 


Preventing Bad Breath 

If kisses from your pet make your stomach turn, it is a sign that your pet needs teeth cleaning. Bad breath is usually a sign of gum disease or tooth decay. Like humans, poor pet dental care can lead to bad breath. Healthy and consistent oral care will help prevent bad breath. 

Allowing the Pet to Eat

Regular teeth cleaning will allow your pet to eat correctly and get the required nutrition. Health issues are often characterized by pain or discomfort in the mouth. Dogs tend to avoid feeding when they are unwell, and more so when the problem is in the mouth. The inability to enjoy chews and treats such as bones can cause the pet to miss vital nutrition. 


Professional Dental Cleaning

Cleaning your dog's teeth several times a week is helpful, but scheduling a regular professional cleaning is necessary. The cleanings are performed under general anesthesia, allowing the vet to clean below and above the gum line. Cleaning the entire mouth can help prevent infections and severe illnesses. Your veterinarian at R Veterinary Group can recommend the best schedule for your pet's dental care routine. 

Regular teeth cleaning will help prevent the worsening of dental issues. Many dogs develop a dental disease before they turn three or when they are too young to prevent the condition. A good dental cleaning can prevent it from worsening. At-home brushing and care can help to avoid costly dental care and help them remain happy, healthy, and energetic. 

For more reasons why pets need teeth cleaning, visit R Veterinary Group at our Linn Creek, Columbia, or Waynesville, Missouri offices. Call (573) 245-1027, (573) 346-5733, (573) 443-7274, (573) 774-3337, or (573) 875-7825 to schedule an appointment today.

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