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5 Things You Should Know Before Boarding Your Pet

Many families like to travel during the holidays. Whether yours will be away for a couple of days or a few weeks, leaving your animal companion alone at home without anyone to look after them is never a good idea. As a responsible pet parent, you have to take the necessary steps to guarantee your pet’s safety while you’re on the move. Are you considering boarding your four-legged best friend while you’re gone? Here’s what you need to be aware of before contacting a boarding kennel to accommodate your dog or cat:

  1. Kennel Requirements. Many boarding catteries and kennels are fully booked weeks or months in advance, especially during holidays. Find out how far in advance you’re supposed to book a stay and whether a deposit will be required upon booking. Some requirements may also take a while to gather. So, it’s best to start looking for a reliable boarding facility weeks before your planned getaway. Most boarding facilities need pet vaccinations. If the facility doesn’t require it, find out their protocol to prevent the spread of infection.

  2. Space. Determine where your dog or cat will stay and how much space will be there. Is there adequate room for play, exercise, and socialization? Some boarding facilities allow pets into a common area for a specific time to exercise and socialize with other animals. Depending on your pet’s size and personality, these are essential aspects to consider before boarding your pet.

  3. Accommodations. Also, find out if your animal companion will have a comfortable bed. Are you allowed to bring your pet’s food and treats? If so, ask if they can feed them. Switching up their food may cause stomach problems. See to it that you know full well the conditions you’re leaving your beloved companion in. Is your dog or cat of advanced age? Does it have any special needs? If so, look into accommodations for those conditions too.

  4. Carers’ Availability and Experience. Your pet must receive a sufficient amount of love and attention while you’re gone. So, find out how many trained staff work at the boarding facility and when they will be around to look after your dog or cat. The larger the facility and the more dogs and cats they accommodate, the more carers should interact with the animals. Equally important is to check into the staff’s experience level and certifications. This way, you can guarantee your pet’s in the best hands.

  5. Special Instructions. Don’t forget to leave special instructions concerning your pet’s dietary restrictions and medications, if there are any. Ensure that the boarding facility also has your number. In case of emergency, see to it that you give them information on how to proceed. Do you want your dog or cat seen by your own veterinarian or a specific emergency clinic? If so, leave their information as well.


Are you searching for a reputable boarding facility for your animal companion? At R Veterinary Group, you can guarantee that your pet will enjoy a positive experience while you’re apart. Call any of our offices in Linn Creek, Columbia, or Waynesville, Missouri, to schedule an appointment.

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