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Flea, Tick, Heartworm Preventions and Why They Are Important

There is a common belief that animal pests such as fleas and ticks are only active in warmer months. The truth is that these pests can cause problems for pets at any time of the year. Fleas and ticks can transmit diseases to dogs and cats. The best way to protect your furry friends against them is getting into a year-round flea, tick, and heartworm disease protection program.

Here are some of the risks these pests pose to your pets and how to prevent them from causing harm.



Fleas are common parasites that mostly affect dogs. These parasites bite, transmit disease, and cause itching when they get into contact with animals. Fleas are also blood-sucking parasites that can cause weakness, lethargy, and even death if not treated in time. The spread of these diseases such as Bartonella and tapeworms.

To prevent a flea infestation in your home, ensure that all your pets are on a year-round preventative. This includes indoor-only pets such as cats. Fleas can quickly replicate once they enter your home. A single female flea is capable of laying more than 30 eggs in a day. This means they can multiply at a very fast pace and cause an infestation. Getting rid of them at this stage can be very difficult.



Ticks, like fleas, are parasites that suck blood in pets. You can find them anywhere (wooded areas, backyards, sheds, and even garages) and they spread very fast. If left unchecked, they can spread diseases such as Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease. These diseases can be debilitating and cost a lot of money to treat over time.

Since ticks are very tiny and hard to spot, they can attach themselves to animals’ fur and remain there for some time. The bad news is that once attached, ticks can spread diseases within 24 to 48 hours of a bite. It is important to check your pets regularly for ticks. Drown all the ticks you remove in rubbing alcohol to get rid of them.


Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease is one of the most serious pet diseases and is potentially fatal. This disease affects both cats and dogs. Heartworm disease can be the result of a single bite from an infected mosquito.

When an infected mosquito bites your dog, it can transmit foot-long heartworms into your pet’s heart cavity and pulmonary arteries. Without proper medical care, animals with heartworm disease can suffer organ damage and respiratory problems.


Prevention: Your Pets’ Best Form of Defense

Prevention is the best way you can keep your pets safe from many parasites they are likely to encounter. Injections, topical solutions, and chewable pills are used to protect pets from harmful pests.

It is possible to protect your pets from the above-mentioned parasites. Ensure you get your pets into a flea, tick, and heartworm prevention program to keep them safe all year round. Talk to a veterinarian to help you figure out the best preventative plans and products that are best suited for your pets.

To get more information about which parasite preventive is right for your pets, visit our offices at R Veterinary in Linn Creek, Missouri. You can also call 573-346-5733 to book an appointment at one of our locations or make any other inquiries.

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