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How Often Should I Get My Dog Groomed?

Dogs come in many shapes, sizes, and coat types, which means they have differing needs. When grooming their hair, the frequency usually depends on their coat type. The density, length, and texture are the main factors about a dog’s coat that dictate how often they need grooming. 


Despite different grooming frequencies, there are some standards that all groomers adhere to. To assess your dog’s grooming needs accurately, you must visit a professional groomer. Read on to discover how often a dog requires grooming, depending on its coat type.


  • Dogs With Short Coats


Dogs with short coats need the least time and care when grooming. Their short coat means they do not pick up a lot of dirt and can stay clean for long. However, they shed and sometimes may even shed more than their long-coated counterparts. Short coat dogs need a bath and coat brush at least every four to six weeks. They require less grooming with trimmers and clippers.


  • Dogs With Double Coats


Double-coated dogs require much more attention than short-coated dogs. It is because their thick coats behave much differently than short coats. The thicker coats predispose them to matting when they are not well groomed. They also shed quite a bit when they are in shedding season.


They need frequent brushing and grooming to ensure their coats are healthy. They should have a thorough brushing session every week at least three times. Grooming only needs to focus on trimming the coats and not shaving them. 


  • Dogs With Long Coats


Long-coated dogs, like double-coated ones, require a lot of attention to keep their coats healthy. Some people may groom or brush their long-coated fur babies daily to keep that coat looking great. Long-coated dogs also get mats in their coats, often close to the skin. They can become painful for your fur baby when not untangled in time. 


To keep these dogs looking good and healthy, they need to get a bath every four to six weeks. They should get a haircut or trim every eight to 12 weeks. You can achieve this easily by having the dog see a groomer every six weeks. Professional groomers offer a full set of services.


  • Dogs With Wavy or Curly Coats


Wavy and curly coats are usually the preferred dog coats because they shed the least. However, brush your curly-coated friend more often because their coat can mat much more easily. Their coats also pick up and hide more dirt under them than their counterparts. 


Experts recommend brushing these dogs at least three times a week. They should go for a grooming session once every four weeks. It is the best schedule to keep the wavy coat healthy.


  • Dogs With Wiry Coats


Dogs with wiry coats do not shed like other dogs. However, their dead hair does tend to mat. Because of this, they need brushing more often. Experts say brushing them two to three times a week would be best. They should see a groomer at least every month or once every two months.


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