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How to Find the Best Pet Boarding Near Me?

One of the most important decisions you will make when planning your vacation is where to board your pet. Boarding your pet is essential for pets with special needs or who require extra attention. 

Finding the best boarding facility for your pet will give you peace of mind during your absence. Some tips will help you find the best pet boarding near you. 


Tour the Facility

If you have several pet boarding options in your location, touring the facilities will help you make the best decision. A physical visit will allow you to inspect the premises and see the conditions your pet will live in. 

The staff should be willing to give you a tour, and you can ask questions about their services. Look at some of the pets present during your visit. You can learn a lot from their general appearance. 


Ask About Services 

You should know how your pet will spend time at the boarding facility. Find out about the exercise and play available. Is there an outdoor space where the boarded pets can play and interact with other pets? 

Find out the activities included in the service fee. Are pets separated by size or personality? Will your pet receive individual walks if you require them? Find out whether they provide toys or if you can bring your own. 


State Certification Requirements

You can ensure that the boarding facility maintains the required standards by inspecting their documentation. You can find out how often the facility goes through inspection. Look for a boarding facility that is an American Boarding Kennels Association member. 

The association members must abide by a set code of ethics. They also participate in an accreditation program so you can be confident that your pet will be safe at the facility. 


Special Care Requirements 

If your pet requires special care, you should confirm that the staff can care for their needs. If your pet is on any medication, you must know that the administration will be correct. If your pet has special dietary needs, find out if they will take care of it. 

Please read the contract to find out how they deal with medical emergencies and the notification procedure. The best facilities will have a veterinarian on call. You should also ensure that you provide your vet’s contact details. 


Getting Regular Updates

Looking for a facility that will provide regular updates on how your pet is doing is a good idea. Boarding facilities send frequent update emails with pictures, webcams, and other communication options. You should be able to call the facility to check on your pooch at any time while you are away.

Make sure you talk to the staff and find out how they run the facility. Please find out how they deal with sick pets and the issue of vaccinations. It would help if you were confident that your pet did not encounter any infections. A friendly staff is likely to ensure that your pet gets the best care.

For more on finding the best pet boarding near you, visit R Veterinary Group at our offices in Linn Creek, Columbia, or Waynesville, Missouri. Call (573) 346-5733, (573) 443-7274, (573) 774-3337, or (573) 875-7825 today to schedule an appointment.

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