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New Year’s Resolutions for Pet Owners

It’s that time again to pause and reflect on the past 365 days and prove to ourselves that the next year will be better. 2021 is here, and like the years before, many people will want to be kinder, healthier, and happier. The past year hasn’t been easy for most of us, though. Did you have a hard time keeping up with the promises you initially made for yourself? If you’re unsure where to start this time, you need not look farther. We suggest that you take inspiration from your best allies, who are usually just a purr or wag of the tail away. Everyone would agree that doing something more for four-legged best friends at home is the extra motivation we all need. After all, they’ve been with us through thick and thin. Not only do they join in when you feel like cheering, but they also bring you back from the brink of tears. Here are some great ideas that you can include in your New Year’s resolutions list:


  1. Grooming Time. Not all breeds need thorough cleaning every single day. But setting aside a daily grooming routine can be highly beneficial. It prevents knotted or matted fur. It also allows you to be familiar with even the slightest physical changes to your furry friend’s body. The sooner you notice any bumps or painful areas, the sooner you’ll get him to the veterinarian for screening and intervention.

  2. Preventive Care. As a responsible cat or dog parent, you need to stay updated on your pet’s monthly preventatives and periodic vet visits. If you used to miss a dose, there’s no excuse this time. Set reminders in multiple places in multiple ways if you have to. This way, you can skip any vet appointment. It might feel like a considerable investment. But staying on track with your pet’s preventive care can actually save you a lot of money down the line.

  3. Pet First Aid. Your pet’s vet is the expert. But not all of us have immediate access to professional medical help round the clock. Pet first aid should never replace veterinary care. Learning the necessary procedures in attending to emergency cases can help save your pet’s life, though. Take classes on first aid care for poisoning and toxin exposure, seizures, and fractures. Also, find out how you can minimize injury and future disability when your pet’s choking, suffering from burns or bleeding externally or internally. Just keep in mind that any first aid you administer should be followed by medical care immediately.

  4. Pet Insurance. Pet insurance can help save you money as it helps in covering vet care expenses. But more importantly, it prevents you from making urgent decisions regarding your beloved animal companion’s health-based merely on your finances. Pet insurance coverage delivers peace of mind. In case of an emergency, you can decide with your heart instead of what’s left in your bank. This will help you focus more on what truly matters — the health and well-being of your furball.


Do you want to learn more about how you can ensure that your pet lives a long, happy life? Visit the R Veterinary Group in Linn Creek, Missouri, for more information. Call us at (573) 346-5733 to make an appointment.

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