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The Importance of Pet Vaccinations

Vaccination is a topic that sparks debate everywhere you go. There is no denying that vaccination helps in fighting diseases. Vaccines trigger the immune system to build protection against certain diseases. They introduce antibodies to the body to help it fight pathogens that cause disease.

Vaccinating your pets especially gives them a chance to fight off serious diseases. It also helps you and your family from contracting diseases that jump from animals to humans. Experts can prove that disease control over the last century has been easy since the introduction of vaccines. Vaccination for your pet is very important and here is why.

Vaccines Prevent Disease

There is always a hot debate between vaxxers and anti-vaxxers. Even with this debate going on, you can’t argue with science. Vaccines help to protect your pet from diseases. Vaccinating your pet gives them a strong immunity to fight off future disease. Even if they contract the disease, the severity is reduced. Therefore, you avoid expensive treatments and procedures.

Vaccinating Pets Protects You Too

The current COVID-19 pandemic has revealed what can happen when deadly pathogens jump from animals to humans. Vaccinating your pets protects you and others from diseases spread by animals.

Vaccinations Protect Your Pet From Wild Pathogens

Sometimes, diseases are spread by wildlife. Dangerous pathogens can jump from wild animals to your pet. Diseases such as distemper and rabies are easily spread. During summer especially, when you take long walks in the grass with your puppies, make sure that they are vaccinated.

Vaccines Help to Save Young Pets

Young pets especially are prone to disease and infections. Their immune system is still at a delicate stage and they may not fight off serious disease. Vaccinating baby pets gives them a boost in their immune system in readiness to fight disease in the future.

Vaccinations Prevent Uncontrollable Outbreaks

Some people move pets across state lines and cause outbreaks of serious diseases. Most of the time, pet owners are called out for mandatory vaccination in the middle of an outbreak. If they would vaccinate their pets ahead of time, controlling outbreaks becomes easier.

Vaccination Gives You Freedom of Movement With Your Pet

In some parts of the world, you are not allowed in public transportation without proper vaccination papers. You cannot fly on some airlines with your pets if they have not received the proper vaccination. In some states, you cannot cross state lines with animals that are not vaccinated.

Vaccines Protect Your Domestic Animals Too

If you have pets and domestic animals, vaccinating all of them is a wise choice. Sometimes, pathogens can jump from your pets to your commercial livestock. There have been cases of farmers who lost thousands of chickens just because of one exotic parrot. If your dogs, cats, and other pets mingle with your other domestic animals, vaccinating them will save them a lot of complications. Many people fear vaccines because of their side effects. However, you can discuss with your vet to weigh and see if the side effects are enough to deter you from vaccinating your pets.

For further consultation on vaccines and pet care, visit R Veterinary Group at our offices in Linn Creek, Missouri. You can also call (573) 245-1027 to book an appointment.

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