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What Foods Make Your Dog Live Longer?

No one wants to lose their furry friend before they must. But is there anything you can do to help your dog live longer? And not just live longer, but also be happy and healthy?

The secret is in the food they eat. Research shows that dogs with a healthy diet and active lifestyle have a chance of living longer. You may not believe it, but fruits and vegetables are also good for your dog. But as with any dietary change, transition gradually.


What Is a Healthy Diet?

The best diet for dogs is real food from its source. The next best thing is high-quality freeze-dried food. However, make sure that the meat is in two of the top three ingredients of the food. Make sure that there is no manure, stomach contents, hide, or horn trimmings.


Foods That Make Dogs Live Longer

Food does not have to be expensive to help your dog live longer. You can feed your dog some of the same food you eat. These foods include:

  • Carrots

  • White rice

  • Apples

  • Chicken

  • Fish

  • Dairy products

  • Peanut butter

One thing that should not be missing from a dog’s diet is meat.



Meat is the most vital component of a healthy diet for dogs. It is a natural source of proteins for all canines. Your dog can survive on a meat-free diet. However, removing meat from their diet makes it difficult to get enough proteins. They require more of it, and they can get ill if they do not get enough of it.

The essential fatty acids in meat proteins are hard to replicate. Supplements may provide them, but they are never as good as the real deal. These fatty acids are essential in keeping your dog’s coat and skin healthy.


Fruits and Vegetables

Many people overlook this and are surprised to see their dog eating a fruit. One great snack you can feed your dog is a banana. They are tasty, and most dogs love them! They also have essential nutrients and vitamins that are not easy to get in supplements. However, they should be occasional.

In the wild, dogs eat the stomach contents of their prey. The prey is usually a vegetarian or an omnivore. Thus, the dog eats partially digested plant matter and grains. It gives their bodies the nutrients they need. These nutrients are not present in meat. As your dog grows, you can incorporate wheat, soy, and corn into its diet.


Enzymes and Probiotics

These may not be food, but they aid in proper digestion and are necessary if your dog eats dry or canned food. There are no enzymes in commercial dog foods. The extruding process and cooking destroy them. Your dog’s stomach requires digestion of raw foods. These have a variety of digestive enzymes. Probiotics also balance the levels of bacteria in your dog’s stomach.

Like humans, a healthy diet will help your dog live longer. A raw diet will also provide natural weight control, stamina, and energy for your dog. However, do not overfeed it because they need good mobility even as they grow old.

For more information on foods that will make your dog live longer, visit R Veterinary Group at our offices in Linn Creek, Columbia, or Waynesville, Missouri. You can call (573) 245-1027, (573) 346-5733, (573) 443-7274, (573) 774-3337, or (573) 875-7825 today to schedule an appointment.

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