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What to Expect From Pet Grooming Services

While some pet owners choose to groom their dogs themselves, there are benefits to getting professional grooming. Having your pet professionally groomed will save you plenty of time and energy. 


Grooming a dog requires a lot of patience, especially when you’re dealing with a puppy or an excessively fluffy dog. Some pets have behavioral issues, and it takes a professional to ensure proper grooming. It is important to understand what you can expect from grooming services.


Services They Offer


A typical grooming session will include brushing, bathing, and drying the dog. The groomer will carefully comb or brush out mats before bathing the dog. This will make lathering the dog with shampoo much easier. The groomer will clean the ears while checking for any signs of infection. 


Grooming also includes coat shaving, trimming, or clipping where necessary or when requested. Most dogs require trimming over the ears and eyes and under the feet. Cutting the dog’s nails and brushing its teeth is also part of the grooming service. 


Using the Right Tools


Pet grooming services use the best tools to ensure effective grooming. They have different size brushes, clippers, and scissors for different tasks. They use gentle and non-toxic shampoo for dogs that may have irritations or allergies or those that have fleas. An adjustable grooming table will help to ensure that the job is done right.


Professional groomers know different breed requirements, and they pay attention to the details. They use dog-specific toothpaste to clean the teeth. Moreover, they know the specific brush to use for different coats.


Knowledge of Dog Handling


To be a professional pet groomer, you must know how to handle different animals. When you take your dog for grooming, you can expect to deal with people who know how to handle your pet. They can deal effectively with pets that may be aggressive or anxious. 


These animals must be handled confidently and gently when groomed, something that a professional will know. Some dogs need to be muzzled before grooming. Pet grooming services will save you the effort of excessive handling and lifting. 


Expecting Health Benefits


When you take your pet to the grooming service, you can expect to reap health benefits. Apart from getting your dog to look beautiful and smell great, professional grooming can keep your pet healthy. Regular bathing will help to prevent skin infections and irritations. Detangling the coat will prevent matting that can cause pain by pulling on the dog’s skin. 


Brushing encourages the growth of a healthy coat while getting rid of dead skin. It also helps to distribute natural oils for healthy skin. Grooming allows for the early detection of bumps, lumps, and other skin issues. 


Keeping Your Pet Comfortable


When you take your pet for grooming, there are things that you can expect. Trimming your dog’s nails will help to reduce the risk of cracks and tears that can affect the animal’s posture. Brushing the coat helps with ventilation, and the skin can breathe effectively. 


The frequency of pet grooming will depend on different factors, including breed, coat type, length, habits, and climate. Regular grooming means that you can expect fewer dog hairs on your furniture.


To learn more about pet grooming, visit R Veterinary Group at our offices in Columbia, Waynesville, or Linn Creek, Missouri. You can call 573-443-7274, 573-774-3337, 573-346-5733, or 573-875-7825 today to schedule an appointment.

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