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Why Walking Should Be Part of Your Dog’s Daily Routine

Making dog walking a part of your daily routine is good for you and your canine companion. Furthermore, it can be great fun. Nothing can keep you motivated like an exercise partner always waiting for you with a wagging tail. 


Walking your furry friend is about more than just potty time. It provides physical exercise, mental stimulation, opportunity for training, and chances for socialization. Furthermore, it can help strengthen the bond you share with your pup. Other reasons why walking should be part of your dog’s daily routine include:


Improved Health


A sedentary dog can quickly gain weight and become overweight or obese, leading to various health problems. Just because your dog is active indoors is not enough. Dogs still need a good vent for pent-up energy. Furthermore, well-exercised dogs tend to behave better.


Physical and Mental Stimulation


Walking your dog provides an essential foundation for mental and physical health. Like a young child, your mutt wants to see the world. Dogs will get bored when confined to the house for prolonged periods, leading to destructive behavior. 


Dogs depend on their human companions to take them out to explore the sounds, smells, and sights of the outside world. Pet care professionals recommend varying the places you take your dog as much as possible. Let your excited dog explore and enjoy every opportunity to discover new things.


Opportunities for Socialization


Your dog will likely meet other dogs and people while out walking. It is an excellent opportunity to teach your dog acceptable ways of interacting with other animals. Social interaction will help build your dog’s confidence so he or she will be more likely to make new friends. Well-socialized dogs still like to play with other animals but know how to avoid battle scars.


Training Opportunity


Consider it a training opportunity every time you are walking your pup. Dogs do not come into the world knowing how to walk on a leash. So, you should teach your four-legged pal to follow your lead during walks. You can also begin teaching him or her commands such as heel, stay, and sit.


Opportunity to Strengthen Your Bond


Walking your dog is an excellent way to strengthen your bond with your animal friend. It is an easy and fun activity you can frequently do that brings your pup so much joy. Spending quality time with your canine companion will reinforce that bond. Trust is a fundamental component of the bonding process. Walking your dog every day will show him or her that you are someone dependable and trustworthy.


Like many pet owners, finding the energy or time to take your animal companion outside can be a challenge. Fortunately, your days of idling around with a bored dog will be long gone with some planning. Start with a 10-minute walk three times a week. Soon, you will find that you and your dog enjoy your walks so much that you will want to take longer ones more often.


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