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Your Guide to Preparing for Flea and Tick Season

The warmer weather drives many people outside, and most love to enjoy the outdoors accompanied by their furry friends. Unfortunately, there are resilient pests out there that are just waiting to spoil the fun. 


Fleas and ticks lurk in the bushes during the warm months, waiting for their victims. It is vital to keep your pet safe during this season. Here is your guide to preparing for flea and tick season. 


Understanding the Parasites


The first step in preparing for the season is understanding the harm that can be caused by fleas and ticks. The parasites are not just annoying but are also instrumental in spreading infections and diseases. 

The parasites survive on other animals, getting their nutrients from the animals they latch on. Ticks spread Lyme disease and other infections, and they can also cause tick paralysis. Fleas can cause different health issues, ranging from mild skin irritation to a full-blown plague. 


Providing Preventative Care


The best way to protect your pet from fleas and ticks is through preventative care. Several preventative products can help keep pets safe. The different products include collars, shampoos, sprays, chewable pills, and drops. 

While some products may contain strong chemicals, some have natural ingredients. Talk to your vet about the best preventive care products for your pet. 


Flea and Tick Collars


Prepare for flea and tick season by getting your dog a collar. Wearing a flea and tick collar can help protect your pet from harmful pests. The collars contain an active ingredient that radiates over the dog’s body when worn. 

Your veterinarian can recommend the best type of collar for your pet. Some of the collars have ingredients that last up to eight months. They kill the parasites before they bite the pet, making them a great option. 


Using Droplets


As you prepare for flea and tick season, you should consider investing in drops to prevent the parasites. This is one of the most effective ways to prevent pest infestation. You can apply the drops to a specific area like the neck, and the active ingredients spread throughout the body. 


Applying the easy-to-use droplets to the skin leads to the ingredients killing any harmful parasites on contact. It is vital to consult your vet about the most reliable products on the market.


Chewable Pills


Pet parents who prefer not to use droplets can add chewable pills to the pet’s food. The pill ingredients circulate inside the pet's bloodstream and attack any tick or flea that bites. 


Some flea tablets are not preventive, but they kill any existing fleas on the pet. If you do not want to use chemicals, you can find chewable dog treats that keep away fleas and ticks. 


Shampoos and Sprays


Prepare for flea and tick season by investing in good quality sprays and shampoos. You can use these products alongside other preventive measures. Shampoos kill fleas and ticks on contact. Use the sprays on the pet and around the home. Consulting your vet is the best way to ensure that you do not use harmful products on your pet. 

For more on preparing for flea and tick season, contact R Veterinary Group at our offices in Waynesville, Columbia, or Linn Creek, Missouri. You can call (573) 875-7825​​​​​​​, (573) 346-5733, (573) 443-7274, or (573) 774-3337 today to schedule an appointment.

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