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Partner With Us

The market is constantly changing, and planning for the future is a decision that can be overwhelming. Let R Veterinary take the stress out of financial planning by partnering with us. We can help you choose an option that not only provides financial security but also helps preserve the culture you have worked so hard to build. Whether you are thinking about selling soon or are planning ahead, R Veterinary Group is here to support your needs and help you preserve your legacy.

Benefits of Joining R Veterinary Group

  • Clients can find service for their pets conveniently at all of our locations with access to cohesive medical records between locations.

  • A variety of topline benefits for your staff, including retirement and healthcare options.

  • Dedicated back-office support for marketing, finance, accounting, payroll, IT, HR, and legal services.


Why R Veterinary Group should be your First Choice

  • Excellent value-based medicine

  • Team-oriented atmosphere

  • Alternative transition to retirement for current business owners

  • Veterinarian owned and operated

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